Brous (pron. Bruce) – the former filmic pop musical venture of Sophia Brous circa 2009-2015.

“Her songs evoke the widescreen majesty of Scott Walker and classic melodies of Morricone’s Mina – unforgettable choruses crowned by Brous’ expressive voice. Brous was inspired by the lush soundtracks of 50s noir and exotica, underground Europop, psych, lounge and other worldly hyper-nostalgia.” – Triple J

‘Streamers’ (2011) – Universal Music Australia/Onelouder.
‘The Sound’ (2015) – Caroline Music Australia
“Come Along” (with Onur) – The Key of Sea Volume 2

On ‘Streamers’
“she sings of the dizzying delirium of current-day social interaction. The song is a sugarsweet psychpop anthem replete with fuzz guitar and Komeda-esque children’s chorus that will continue ringing in listener’s ears well beyond the first play.”

“a prodigious chanteuse” – Rolling Stone
“a revelation” 
– The Observer (UK)


September 28, 2020