THE INVISIBLE OPERA (in-development)

THE INVISIBLE OPERA (in-development)


2020-21 Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) New Work In-Residence


The Invisible Opera is a contemporary music theatre work for public space.

Presented as a 60-minute performance intervention in a central square of a city centre, The Invisible Opera is an examination of the dynamics of private interest in our public environment.

Unfolding as a cinematic observation of the behaviours and patterns of everyday life, a bustling metropolis gradually gives way to mass spectacle, as forces of city surveillance, hostile architecture, laws of assembly and creative activation begin to choreograph the space like a kind of invisible theatre.

Created by cross-disciplinary performance-makers Sophia Brous, Lara Thoms and Faye Driscoll (USA), the work operates at the threshold of contemporary music theatre and public intervention. Site specific and unique to each new city, it responds directly to landscape and community, and exists easily as a covid-safe, socially distanced work for performers and audience.

Utilising immersive sound design, electroacoustic orchestration, vocal performance, choreography and large-scale scenic design, the work is a mesmeric examination of what we see and do not see in our public environment, and reveals how the coercive forces of real estate, city planning and surveillance capitalism shape our collective behaviour.

Sophia Brous, Lara Thoms, Faye Driscoll

2021/2022 Season Premiere.

Developed through the support of the Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Watermill Center, Arts Centre Melbourne, RISING and the Australia Council of the Arts.

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October 5, 2018