By Sophia Brous. With Lara Thoms. Faye Driscoll and Samara Hersch

2021 Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) New Work In-Residence

“There is choreography: the unplanned weaving of unrelated bodies through the space. There is conflict and fear, and the navigation of rules laid down by society, government and architecture. And there is a soundtrack: human, machine and natural; voices, vehicles and the wind…” – The Sydney Morning Herald

“….the sounds of the public space feed to us through headphones, a voice directing where we should look. In a work that asks us to sit and observe this public space, we watch but are also watched…these moments are so precious.” – ABC Art Works

The Invisible Opera is a contemporary performance work for public space.

Slip on a set of headphones and step into a world conducted by a disembodied libretto, narrating an omniscient vision of the micro dramas, private enterprise and influence of surveillance in a town square.

Created by Australian multidisciplinary performer Sophia Brous—working in collaboration with celebrated theatre makers Lara Thoms and Samara Hersch and US choreographer Faye Driscoll—The Invisible Opera is a kaleidoscopic trip through the micro and macro dynamics of public space.

As the everyday actions of a town square unfolds, a voice and an all-seeing eye seemingly choreograph and narrate the environment in real time, instantly bringing into question, what is real and who is watching.


Lead Artist & Performer – Sophia Brous
Co-Directors – Lara Thoms, Samara Hersch
Dramaturg – Faye Driscoll
Sound Design – Tilman Robinson
Composer – John Also Bennett
Sound Assistant – Guillaume Malaret
Producer – Tommy Kriegsmann/Arktype New York
Company Manager – Cassandra Fumi
Production Manager – Richard Gorr

Created through the support of the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Singapore International Arts Festival, Arts Centre Melbourne, RISING and the Australia Council of the Arts.



October 5, 2018