Faye Driscoll – 2021-2022 Randjelović/Stryker Resident Commissioned Artist

“Being in a place, being in an era, for instance an era of mass extinction, is intrinsically uncanny. We haven’t been paying much attention.”
-Timothy Morton, All Art is Ecological

Faye Driscoll’s newest work Weathering is a multi-sensory flesh sculpture made of bodies, sounds, scents, liquids and objects. Ten people (dancers/singers/crew) enact a glacially morphing tableau vivant on a mobile raft-like stage surging through the Anthropocene. Their voices generate a score that crescendos and resonates as they clutch, careen and cleave, in a space too small to contain them, spilling off the edges. The audience embanks the performers, close enough to smell the sweat and feel the steam of the central, spiraling scenes. The symphonically active, luminously living work is a breathing, leaking, choreography of micro events within a momentum thrusting from just beyond the perceivable. Driscoll and her team of collaborators ask: How do we feel the impact of events moving through us which are so much larger? Yet are animating and activating our bodies all the time? How do we get closer to the impact? Can we slow down enough to feel the dust, hurt, howl, absence, spill, plume?

Created by Faye Driscoll
Performed by: James Barrett, Kara Brody, Miguel Alejandro Castillo, Amy Gernux, Shayla-Vie Jenkins, Jennifer Nugent, Cory Seals, Eliza Tappan, Carlo Antonio Villanueva, Jo Warren

Sound and Music Direction by Sophia Brous
Scenic Design by Jake Margolin and Nick Vaughan
Lighting Design by Amanda Ringger
Sound Design by Ryan Gamblin
Sound Composition and Field Recording by Guillaume Malaret
Dramaturgy by Dages Juvelier Keates
Choreographic Assistant: Amy Gernux
Intimacy coordination by Yehuda Duenyas
Production stage management by Emily Vizina


March 7, 2023